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Management Consulting & Research

We assist institutions to reach their potential. This is done through advice on strategic management, designing policies and programs customised to their needs and corporate governance. This function also assists institutions with solving complex problems.

Financial Consultancy & Outsourcing

We offer financial advisory services which comprises of financial planning, investments (short and long term), mergers and acquisition and liquidation. Outsourcing services include IT support, accounting services, human resources, procurement services and fund administration.

Human CAPITAL, Strategy & Training

We offer human capital consulting services such as recruitment, retention and performance management e.g balance score card. The solutions offered helps companies to keep up with the ever evolving trends and make use of the available technologies.

Company Secretarial Services & Audit

We offer company registration services through CIPA OBRS system, maintaining of CIPA annual returns on behalf of clients and post registration changes e.g change of directorship and shareholding. The Firm further offers compliance services.

Property asset management

Are you ready to maximise your property value, reduce costs, and increase returns from property? The focus is on maximizing value, reduction of cost and increasing returns from property. This also includes property acquisition, disposal and leasing solutions.

Risk & Project management & IT CONSULT

Our project management services includes assessment for companies and offer solutions that improves project management competencies. Services offered are tailor made and it helps our clients in drawing up viable options, project definition and management.


Our clients are in the following industries:

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